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Daisy Dreams Snuggle Blanket

Daisy Dreams Snuggle Blanket

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Snuggle Blanket

Our unique blanket by was designed exclusively by us, to allow your dog to feel snug and safe. Our smart design allows you to fasten the sides making a snuggle sack for your dog, perfect if they love to bury themselves under blankets! You can also join two or more blankets together to make a bigger blanket for multiple dogs to snuggle together or if you just need a bigger blanket.

  • Exclusive & Innovative product design by Hounds of Eden.
  • Available in several of our designs.
  • Super soft faux sherpa fleece to reverse.
  • Faux leather Hounds of Eden label.
  • Can be turned into a snuggle sack, great for burrowing breeds, dogs who love to be covered to sleep and to help dogs with anxiety.
  • Can be used as protectors on sofas, car seats, or directly in their beds.


  • Size of blanket 76cm x 125cm.
  • Single blanket Snuggle sack size 62cm x 38cm, internal approx. 55cm x 30cm.
    This makes a suitable snuggle sack for a small dog only. Patchy the white Jack Russell in the photos is approx. 60cm nose to tail, with a back length of around 40cm, and weighs 7kg. It will fit more than one toy or small miniature breed sized dogs.
  • Two blankets will give a snuggle sack of 76cm x 125cm, internal approx. 68cm x 117cm.
    This is suitable to fit two small dogs, such as the two Jack Russells pictured, or one larger dog eg: french bulldog, spaniel etc. 


  • Blankets can be configured & clipped together as you wish, giving you a fully flexible solution that will suit almost any dog.
  • Please note: the blanket poppers come undone easily, this is for your dogs safety so it can easily uncover itself to prevent overheating.
  • Our design allows for your dog to remain covered & burrowed while asleep but does not form a fully sealed sleeping bag. This allows for plenty of air circulation too.
  • Machine Washable at 40c max. Do not tumble dry. 
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