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Florentina Car Seat belt Restraint

Florentina Car Seat belt Restraint

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Finally no more jumping dogs! Safely restrain your dog in your car by simply clipping this into the seat belt and attach it to your dogs D-ring on their harness! 

  • Reduces driver distraction, by keeping dogs in their seat & not able to go walkies freely all over your car
  • Keeps your dog safe while in the car, e.g: keeps dog from open windows etc.
  • Strong, smooth 25mm webbing + sleek black metal hardware.
  • Fully adjustable in length - suitable for both small & large dogs
  • Signature branding on stylish black design, meaning this will suit most car interiors & suit ANY harness design or type you have!

Please note: Our seat belt restraints should never be attached to just a collar. Always attach to a harness, for your dogs safety. 


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